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Meet East Coast Clinical Consultants

A New Jersey based healthcare consultant company specializing in regulatory compliance, setting new standards for patient care.
About East Coast Clinical Consultants
Unparalleled laboratory consultant and compliance education services in New Jersey for doctors' offices.

Founded in 2015, East Coast Clinical Consultants is the premier supplier of laboratory compliance, consulting, and educational resources in New Jersey.

With over 100 years of combined industry experience, our college-educated team has obtained several certifications. Our reputation in the community we serve speaks for itself. Our work has been recognized by the state of New Jersey, along with several health departments. Additionally, our team works closely with CMS and COLA.

We are passionate about helping underserved physicians’ office labs acquire and maintain compliance documentation (OSHA, HIPPA, CLIA). We improve patient care by offering high-quality laboratory results, delivering on-site and virtual consulting services, and providing valuable educational resources that help organizations obtain their certifications and meet accreditation guidelines.

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As one of the leading healthcare compliance firms in New Jersey, we boast an unmatched unit of industry experts. With 100 years of combined experience, our team is entirely college-educated and holds the most important and prestigious industry certifications. Learn more about our team below.

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